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Top 10 Useful Travel Tips


I’ve been travelling for 7.5 years and have all the knowledge of things that you should keep in your bag. I will also provide you with some of the tips and tricks that you will need to know while you’re travelling. KEEP A NOTE BOOK Keep a Note book to write down some of these things: Family contact number/ Close relatives contact number- Keep telling them your current location at…

Crash Course in Bangkok Culture


While you are preparing for the cultural differences in Bangkok, here is a rundown of the things that you can expect to see so you are not completely caught off guard. Etiquette: People go to great lengths to show respect in Thailand. People are generally going to be very polite, smile frequently, and avoid embarrassing others as well as themselves. One of the more commonplace things that you are going…

Best Food to Try in Bangkok


If you have just arrived in Bangkok and are immersing yourself in the amazing culture of Thailand, you really need to try out their awesome food. As a beginner, you may be apprehensive, especially if it is food that you have never had before, so I have put together a list of all of the amazing food that you need to try in Bangkok. Street Food: This is the food…

Getting Around Bangkok


Bangkok is the largest city in Thailand, meaning you are going to need to get around some point by something other than foot. Hoofing it could be an option for you if that is your thing, but it would be good to have the option to get out in other ways as well. Here’s the breakdown of now you should get around Bangkok. Buses: Bus is going to be the…

How to Be Safe in Bangkok


You may remember the Bangkok bombing that happened in August 2015. 20 people were killed and more were injured. It may make you leery, but you have to remember that bombings are random throughout the world and nowhere seems to be exempt from experiencing them. Bangkok has not experienced anything like that since and the city on the whole is not full of a lot of active terrorists running around…

On the Cheap: Visiting Bangkok on Less than $50 a Day


Just because you are short on cash does not mean that you should miss out on a great cultural and personal growth opportunity. There are many cheap flights that will get you to Bangkok, but once you are there, you also need to remember to budget your money well so you don’t get yourself into trouble. Tip #1: Always convert the Baht into American Dollars. It is so easy to…

What you Shouldn’t Miss in Bangkok


There is a lot to see in Bangkok. As Thailand’s largest city, you are certainly not going to be bored while you are there. Here’s just a quick rundown of my favorite things to see in Bangkok. Grand Palace: This is the ultimate must-see in Bangkok. The city’s most famous landmark, the Grand Palace was built in 1782 as a home for the Thai King and his court. While the…

What You Need to Know to Barter in Thailand


While in the United States we are used to fixed pricing, this is not the case in a lot of areas of the world, including Bangkok. You will find that the price is listed out on a lot of things and not listed at all on others. Either way, unless you are at a grocery store, the price is up for negotiation. This may make you, like it does to…

An American’s Quick Guide to Bangkok


When you arrive in Bangkok, Thailand, there are a few cultural and geographic surprises that you will definitely experience. If you have never been to Asia or traveled to a different culture, you may have a few eye-openers. This is just a quick guide to help you get situated and around Bangkok. Stay Oriented Most of the popular tourist attractions and hotels are along the Chao Phraya River. It does…